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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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so. once in a century blazing across the skies before breaking up friday's meteor strike in central russia leaves over a thousand injured and causes widespread damage. rival rallies in egypt as police clashed with protesters at the presidential palace hardline islamist gather in support of president morsi blaming the opposition for dozens killed in the recent unrest. republicans in the u.s. senate blocked the confirmation of president obama's nominee as secretary of
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defense chuck hagel they need another week to fully assess the future pentagon chief. live from our studios in moscow this is r t i'm john thomas let's get right to our top stories people in russia are recovering after the shock of the meteor strike that hit the area on friday the space rock exploded in the sky creating a powerful blast the damage hundreds of buildings including some schools. so. how did. was. not. some images of obvious panic vary and you can see why as nasa claims the meteors
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explosion generated a power of five hundred killed tons which is around twenty times the size of the hiroshima nuclear bomb twelve hundred people were injured many of them children after the shock wave hit buildings and shattered windows r.t. as you get a piece can offer ports now from the affected region the consequences of friday's meteor are still quite a handful it's not only about shattered glass a lot of old buildings were damaged as well like this factory there behind me where parts of the wall and roof just collapsed which is remarkable since we're around one hundred kilometers which is there are sixty miles away from where the media or fell for more what happened here on friday here's this report it wasn't a bird or a plane or superman but something much louder and brighter faster and needs i'm so bored terrifying this big bright like he was shining across the sky you know blinding brighter than the sun it was around nine am when the skies were suddenly
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lit up by media or flying over breaking into three parts and leaving a striking dream of smoke before vanishing just minutes later the city and the surrounding areas were literally rocked by a series of massive explosion. and i immediately called one of my teammates who lives in my building and i you know i couldn't get through to him my phone and work so i was a little bit scared at that point so powerful it damaged buildings and shattered windows all across the city of dallas. i was told that a plane crashed right into a building then we were told that a wall has been partly disloyal and metal structures inside of a band by the blast wave it was very scary. but. many were able to film the unearthly phenomenon of leader flooding the web with footage as rumors spread of what it might have been a stricken airplane a satellite that aboard it even the beginning of the end of the world in our t.v.
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documentary crew that was working in the area suddenly found themselves at the center of events but you put up that we saw a huge tail in the sky like from an airplane and then there was a bright fire and an explosion but the feeling was like there are three shots ring we thought a military jets may have crashed or that it was some manmade disaster it was a relief to find out it was a natural phenomena anybody except over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly for pieces of shattered glass that one of the girls ran out to take pictures yes. and she was thrown in by the wave that came after the the flash and then we. my ears got blocked and the whole roof get got to build with dust just like like a fog it's estimated the media as we need to varied from ten to forty tons and its
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speed of around twenty miles per second it gave it a huge amount of energy and made it very difficult to detect you know that there are telescopes and networks operated by nasa in the u.s. and what's cosmos and russia and the european space agency others that are out there trying to detect and track asteroids but honestly there's a lot of there's hundreds of thousands and their biggest focus is on the really large ones ones that are hundreds of meters in diameter or kilometers in diameter that could potentially you know do to us what happened to the dinosaurs thankfully no one was killed this time and luckily the media didn't hit any industrial facilities including several nuclear sites located in the region. that was artie's you got a piece can offer reporting sticking with this story lawrence i. maxwell kraus from the school of earth and space exploration claims that if parts of the meteor were recovered they would be of huge scientific interest. meteors and asteroids many of
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them come from the outer part of our solar system perturbations from the planet jupiter and other planets there's a huge. store of comets asteroids out outside the orbits of jupiter and outside in fact the outer solar system some of them periodically get disturbed by the gravity of the inner planets and get sent inwards some of them are big balls of ice and become comets others are big balls of rock and the impact on mars and the earth and the moon and. what's fascinating is actually you could if you can collect some of this material some of it is primordial if we actually detect it and we can we can get it right after it falls we can actually measure material that hasn't been processed since the solar system formed four and have billion years ago so for scientists it's a fascinating event and i'm happy that people weren't killed but if but if some of that material can be recovered it will be incredibly interesting and important for scientists and you can log onto our web site r t dot com to find out more about
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this unexpected interloper from outer space there we've got a special section devoted to the event including the exact timeline of the incident as well as more images and first hand accounts. the latest round of opposition protests in egypt has ended in violence once again demonstrators attacked the presidential palace police then responded with water cannons and tear gas liberal groups are accusing the president of trying to monopolize power and to stifle dissent that's as around five thousand islamists staged a rally in support of president morsi and his policies. hardliners accused the opposition of undermining the democratic process by resorting to violence the recent wave of unrest has claimed the lives of seventy people in recent weeks but despite this display of loyalty to the regime some experts believe its days are
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numbered because what you've had in egypt in the last two years is in effect a coup by twelve percent it's the actual number of eligible voters who voted for the sharia constitution and that's the muslim brotherhood and the majority of the egyptians so they are dead set against any kind of shari'a constitution they want to have their democracy they want to be able to breathe openly and were should go out in their own way and not be told what to do now i think the interesting thing is what's happening in washington since the second obama term began i think what regime is on the obama have it that this entire muslim brotherhood experiment of the arab spring has turned out to be a catastrophe and they're pivoting their energies toward china and downgrading their support of the groups like morsi so i think what's playing out now is the brotherhood is finished in egypt i don't see any way that there's going to be
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a reconciliation and the people the people smell that they sense that they feel that and that's what's driving so either the brotherhood steps now he's fully in respects the will the majority or we're going to have a very bloody ugly mess and egypt. on to libya now where unlike egypt a rallies marking the two year anniversary of the anti kadafi uprising have been largely peaceful so far but the mood in the country ahead of official celebrations remains tense as many fear possible unrest and violence in benghazi the birthplace of the revolt a bomb exploded outside a police station but local media reported the attack was purely criminal and lacked any political motive demonstrators in the city voiced their growing discontent over the unchecked power of militias the abundance of guns and what's seen as a weak government in tripoli political analyst a doctor in brahimi louche explains what the greatest threat is to the future of post khadafi of libya. to what we have seen over the last two years in libya is
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that this integration of any form of central control paving the way for the fragmentation of the country into three states at the same time there is around lawlessness in the country there is an outgrowth of fundamentalism of the chrome on the inside that has spilled over and somali as we have seen over the last couple of months and a little bit more than two months and at the same time we have this but sort of. strife breaking out between the front militias and the country so yes a lot has changed but not for the better. republican senators have stalled the confirmation process of chuck hagel the white house choice to be the next defense secretary senators will vote on the candidacy again after they return from recess in less than ten days in an unprecedented move the republican minority delayed the
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confirmation earlier this week the first time it has ever happened to anyone nominated for a top cabinet position the decorated vietnam veteran is known for preferring diplomatic talks to direct military action and his criticism of the israeli lobby in washington assistant secretary of the u.s. treasury under president reagan paul craig roberts told us how those views are now damaging hail standing with his fellow republicans your. report also she hates. made the mistake some years ago when he said that he was an american so not an israeli solution in this instance to come up the coast and win in the last presidential election in the united states the israeli prime minister. supported the. move the peace process for the. speeded president of the united states and in very demeaning way. and so obama now is
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answering back to the israeli prime minister by appointing a u.s. senator who did a very very rare thing and asserted his independence. of the israeli government. later in the program a sinister snooping or a necessary safeguard. they're doing a lot of other stuff that they should be doing like killing people across the world but you know there's only so much we can do i think so our tweets are kind of low on the priority but i'd still want the nation stopped and. glory harford us to ask people in the streets of new york how they feel about u.s. government plans to store every tweet ever posted. a currency war dominated the g. twenty meeting in moscow but can financial chiefs come to a consensus when the world's largest economy refuses to stop printing money.
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well. it's technology innovation believes developments from around russia we. covered. a story. and realized. it was a big. news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the
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streets of canada. today. and welcome back here with r.t. glad to have you with us german activists have kick started a new game against big brother across the country people are teaming up to destroy as many surveillance cameras as possible the players that claim that their message is serious and that they are protecting their privacy all over explores whether their actions are reasonable or just another form of vandalism. if you have to get the feeling that someone is watching you whilst walking through the streets of the german capital that may be more to it than paranoia. the amount of sensitivity civilians in germany on the rise and it's not as bad yet as in other countries for
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example in the u.k. very millions of cameras installed but still the number is rising and that's worrying us. that increase has seen some berliners take quite drastic action and fight back against what they see as the invasion of their privacy the target for their fight the cameras themselves the phenomenon has even produced an online game cam over the rules are simple film yourself destroying c.c.t.v. cameras posted online and points are awarded for the amount of camera smashed as well as bonus points for creativity although many privacy campaign is uneasy this more militants approach we're not a particular big fan of while and even if it's while it's against things that's a form of protest we do not support of the we support the message. is contest will culminate in a protest ahead of the european police congress in berlin law enforcers fear the
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movement and its methods will only rise in popularity and public damage i don't think it's it's a group that is committing these crimes i think these are some people from the left wing political corner they want others to compete with them to destroy cameras and what about allegations that the rise in c.c.t.v. coverage was turning berlin into an all well state no i don't think so i think we have a strict law that only personal belongings or the personal. ground you own can be protected by a camera you're not allowed to point the camera at a public street and so i don't think there's. a big brother watching everybody or germany does. some very strict laws when it comes to personal image rights even global giants like google of how to censor the faces of anyone snapped on this
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street view service the advancements of things like smartphones and the amount of pictures taken and uploaded to the web every day is sure to make it even more difficult for those who prefer to keep their anonymity the authorities deny that big brother is watching you in berlin however as the amount of c.c.t.v. in the city goes up it becomes increasingly difficult not to get caught on camera peter all over r.t. berlin. and now let's take a look at some other news making headlines around the globe this hour in bahrain there have been clashes after the funeral of a teenager who was allegedly shot by the authorities during a rally hundreds threw stones at security forces who then responded with tear gas it is fear of this new outburst of violence could hold talks proposed by the government to end the instability a two year along uprising in bahrain has already seen dozens of protesters killed and hundreds detained for voicing their discontent. thousands of protesters have
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rallied in the capitals of portugal and spain in lisbon around five thousand took to the streets in union demonstrations against fresh austerity measures while in madrid people rallied to protest of the evictions of those who are unable to pay their mortgages in recent months both countries have seen a wave of marches as the services are scaled back because of budget cuts. in athens smog has returned to the city as the austerity hit residents have turned to burning wood to heat their homes many could no longer afford gas prices after taxes went up by four hundred fifty percent and despite all the harsh government cuts economists predict that two thousand and thirteen will see the greek economy hit new record lows. police in pakistan. say at least sixty five people have been killed and up to two hundred injured in a bombing in the southwest of the country the remote control device went off in
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a area of the city of many women and children were among the victims irrationally similar salts against shia communities have been carried out by hardline sunni groups in recent months earlier we spoke with robert naiman policy director at just a foreign policy who does not see an end to such sectarian attacks. we think we know is this result of. a particular group of militants sunni extremists or. recently. their ideology. particular group. takes. a turning point where the drone program is coming under scrutiny in.
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the us i won't complain about that won't publish information. now street cameras and other kinds of surveillance across the u.s. give its citizens the feeling of having less and less privacy but it seems that you've done in the past won't be forgotten as the library of congress is now creating a database of all tweets ever posted or harshness to talk to the streets of new york to find out whether the government is once again showing too much interest in people's private lives. the library of congress announced that its story in our tweet is this just another method of surveillance or is it a way of archiving the times this week let's talk about that did you know that our government is starting to store all of our tweets there archiving them in the library of congress not surprised you're not surprised by that why not they're
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quite every day are you ok with that no absolutely not so what do we do about it you know i don't know because they're doing a lot of other stuff that they should be doing like killing people across the world but you know there's only so much we can do and i think it's a kind of low on the priority but it's still a point that they should stop yes it's just another way that they can surveil us right now. yes that's what i think how would you feel about your government storing all those tweets that scares me the thought of that because i mean like you could tweak things i mean if i took it for about three years now and i kind of member what we had back then but if they can find out and just kind of see what it was that's quite scary have you ever tweeted something that you might not want stored for all time usually a tweet recipes and food related things so i'd love it if they store it. i mean those are a surprise to me and they try to facebook and they track everything you do online and i mean they have the rights and they stand alone as they invade someone's private is doing this for your protection do you believe that you trust them to use
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it not as a way to surveil you or invade your privacy you know i believe they're mean what more can they do i mean if in the if you put stuff i'll do that you don't want to be out there that you shouldn't do with where you should just keep your private stuff so you should influence more than all over the place whether or not you think the government storing our tweets is an invasion of privacy and the bottom line is you better think twice before you tweet because you never know who might be listening. and coming up robert foster in his unparalleled musical manner targets us gun policy in juice news.
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united states is based on. you know by care respite you'll never have the fall still play local news is welcome to the show today coming out to sing we've just got a studio upgrade by the monticello is devoted to the debate which is beautifully devoted to the united states the same with the great big mass shootings from the receipt to to sandy hook school while someone killed them and to stop the bloodshed of this want to prevent government coming is there an absence of the scheme past we can stop x. but kids from opposing factions the military response see is a representative of the black splotches you know whiteness and it beyond judgment reach peace compassion in abundance the elite we turn to see some anonymous i agree but why ban guns what's your lunch reading you kidding the second amendment is
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a sacred law beyond gun bans are evil people are insisting suggested john trying to mask only happen when people don't have access to semiautomatic weapons and we were given this precious right to bear arms not for hunting bears but to protect just you don't farm from pics of americans who are defending the land from the colonists no property from our own freakin government mistakes the winter when it came to trying to take power they take the people look at hitler or stalin still come on parchments listen chavez george the third in fact is that a brit. in the seventy seventy six look up it's a plant you can't tell him what comes try to tell god ok let's hear from the general but it's the first time we've had you both in the studio together frankly i'm shocked by what this loss of valuable american lives is a tragic eleven dollars income or to see if you can be truly we need to stop this insanity what do you suggest to start the citizenry leave guns to the criminal smugglers of the military british news the king. we need a war on drugs in the workplace like our war on drugs was done from my cold and far
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general place i understand you respect the second amendment to you but can you provide events like the overseer to. me. when temperance joining to do same shooting gold color because you've been drinking your red meat the feds will go to one you david koresh of the school shooting that incident in connecticut was a deliberate orchestrated spike set up with aim to take our weapons and take us to test some batteries in plastic and sometimes they can. but some like st are waiting to take the united states and the good lady to me to take her ship in this car the only one standing in the way of a general if the slaves want guns let them be our supremacy doesn't depend on weaponry with skulls meet your money in it we control every aspect of your life why you logical examination if you think you can just stop your reading what you're waiting for already strip you of your liberty for the simple might seem to be if
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you once are bold. lowlights. well i guess that sums it up and brings us to point to the end of our report on guns in the divided stakes of america certainly it's not our place to pass judgment but listen with a question and a last comment if your passion for the second amendment were missed by down the budget and then independent of the bonus media. in the free internet book prevalent today wouldn't it be always be
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a bit and tell the day if it's in the beatson of ignorance that germany begins somewhat follows the first and best line of defense nicely being heavily armed with guns with the troops stay safe everyone. wealthy british style. is not on the tires.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's conjure up for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r g. i never knew adam lanza personally but i was in the same high school as that he was younger than me just a little bit younger. i always thought he was different i always intercity funny he rarely talks and you don't use a shy kid. i don't know of anyone who is friends with him i also don't know anyone who is particularly mean to the what i do know is that it was very clear that this person was not like everybody else. can't imagine the level of mental illness that would be present to murder
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children. america's you know so when you go on this there would be an american behind every tree with a gun. i think for kids growing up in this environment is good for them at an early age to see the gun and respected because they need to know what kind of damage you can do. this is our first task as a society. keeping our children safe. this is how we will be judged.


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